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Google Transit Bookmarklets

My team from 682 has been looking at building out our proposed design, so much as we can with available data. We’re currently in the middle of playing with various tools, which will probably result in some slightly useful demos that we will try to release along the way.

First are two Google Transit bookmarklets. One will take you from a directions page on Yahoo! Maps or Google Maps to the corresponding Google Transit directions. You can customize the second to provide directions from a default address, such as your home or workplace, to an address you select in the text of a web page.

These will only be of use if you live in a Google Transit covered city (currently Portland OR, Seattle WA, Eugene OR, Duluth MN, Pittsburgh PA, Burbank CA, Orange County CA, Tampa FL, and Honolulu HA). If you do, check them out. We welcome feedback to altverto ::at:: altverto ::dot:: com.

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