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California sues automakers

While reading the news the other day, I noticed that California’s attorney general, Bill Lockyer, filed suit against six automakers. Interesting. Lockyer is “demanding that they pay for environmental damage caused by the emissions of their vehicles.”

Interesting, but irrational (as far as I can tell).

To the best of my knowledge, the automakers have remained in compliance with state and federal laws regulating emissions. Turning and filing suit against companies that have been compliant feels a bit like playing “gotcha.” If the emissions laws were insufficient, he should be complaining about the federal government and the state of California. It he’s looking for the real culprit, though, he would be suing the people of California who just keep on using their cars so much despite the known environmental consequences. That probably wouldn’t work so well for Mr. Lockyer, though, as he currently wants those same constituents to elect him to state treasurer in the fall.

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